Keystone Disaster Recovery Service


Keystone Offers Disaster Recovery Service

Disaster Recovery Service is upward bound. Data Storage is now cloud capable. You have the choice to continue mailing in your data backups or sign up for cloud backups. We have partnered with fully audited, highly secure datacenters. They take advantage of a 2 tiered hybrid approach by backing up software data on the cloud as well as on premises.

An electronic backup is important to safeguard your work should a catastrophic disaster strike your community, Knowing that your data is safe and protected, will allow you concentrate on the more important issues at hand. The Indiana State Board of Accounts requires that you have a written Disaster Recovery Plan in place and Boyce Systems Disaster Recovery Service can be part of that plan.

For an annual service fee Boyce Systems will provide: Annual Record Storage, Offsite Storage, Business Forms Storage and A Back-Up Support Site. These items are fully explained in the body of the enclosed form, as well as on the Disaster Recovery webpage.

If you are a current Disaster Recovery Service member we urge you to continue, if you are not, please consider participating. Protecting the countless hours of work you have accomplished in your computer system is good business. Boyce Systems’ Disaster Recovery Service can turn potential catastrophes into temporary challenges.

Disaster Recovery Services:

A. Data Backup Offsite Storage;

1. Mail-In Backups; Periodic data back-up disks, flash drives or tapes will be stored in Boyce’s record vault. You will determine the periodic schedule, monthly or quarterly. We will store three periodic backups at a time, returning your first backup when we receive your fourth.



2. Electronic Cloud Backup Storage; Boyce tech engineers will install Cloud data backup software on your system and set the parameters for periodic backups, the retention plan and instruct you on its use.

B. Annual Records Storage; At Fiscal or Annual year-end Boyce will transfer your master and historical records from disk or tape to CD-ROM in duplicate. One (1) copy will be retained by you and one (1) copy will be retained in Boyce’s record vault.

C. Business Forms Storage; You may also store a supply of payroll checks, vendor checks and/or utility bills in Boyce’s office to provide for the processing of an emergency cycle in the event of a disaster. A receipt for said stored items will be issued by Boyce.

D. Back-Up Support Site; Boyce will allow you the use of compatible data processing equipment in the Boyce office for up to one (1) month upon your request in the event of a disaster. Boyce will make available to you at its office, the copy of your records stored in Boyce’s record vault. Boyce will replace the software programs licensed to you by Boyce and related system documentation damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster. Boyce’s staff will provide onsite support to you to assist in restoring your licensed Boyce software programs, and your files and records damaged or destroyed in a disaster.

E. Additional Billed Service; If you wish Boyce to convert other computerized or manual records to CD-ROM (such as board meeting minutes, contracts, bid specifications, etc.), Boyce will do so at an additional price to be determined on a per job basis. Price quotations will be provided upon your request.

  Click here for information on preparing a disaster recovery plan.